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Open studio sizes guarantee the best training supervision.

  • Limited number of members “Private Gym”
  • Luxury cosmetics included
  • drinks & coffee included


Short, intensive training sessions of 30 – 45 minutes bring the customer measurable and sustainable results.



Exclusive & intensive care by your Personal Health Coach.

  • Intensive Onboarding-Programm
  • Personal Training included in the fee
  • Bodyscan Flatrate included

we want to change lives!


When we founded Luxfit, we didn’t just want to improve the quality of training – we wanted to redefine it. We didn’t just want to optimise it – we wanted to exhaust all the options for a new approach to training.

Individuality is not just our most important starting point. Neither our clients nor our employees are just a number at Luxfit!

We have created a system that allows every coach to exclusively advise and support their clients, to know their clients’ needs and goals, assess their fitness levels, base the training around the respective client’s schedule, and so create a training plan that takes every relevant aspect into account in order to be as effective as possible. At Luxfit, this concept of a close personal relationship between coach and client has proven its worth from the very beginning and demonstrably changed many lives. This helped us to identify our next goal:
to improve 1,000,000 lives in the space of 10 years. Get involved!

We pose

3 questions

to the founder SEBASTIAN BACKES

When did you decide to set up your own business?
Sebastian: After several years as a tennis, fitness and surf instructor, it quickly became clear that future work must primarily involve people, and the appeal of working independently and autonomously also awakened the desire to set up one’s own company early on.

Why was self-employment in the fitness area the only option for you?
Sebastian: While studying fitness economics, I recognised early on the future growth potential of the fitness and health industry, which today is exceptionally higher than ever.

I was already aware of the advantages of regular training in a suitable facility with appropriate equipment at the age of 17 as an important tool.

“To integrate fitness in the sense of «capability» as a holistic approach into everyday life provides the necessary motivation and discipline.”
Sebastian Backes

To what extent is the focus on the musculoskeletal system?
Sebastian: A good car – engine runs for 300,000 kilometres, similarly with a healthy locomotor system. Besides strength, the focus is also on the other abilities of endurance, speed and coordination.